Hiking and Camping Essentials

When you are going to go on a hiking and camping trip it is essential to bring the proper equipment. You will want to bring the proper footwear and clothing according to the weather you will encounter. A tent is a lightweight way to provide excellent shelter. If you are going to a location and then do your hiking in and out of there you can bring a stove to do your cooking. They may have a barbeque you can use to cook on either way you will need to plan according to the way you plan to stay. If you plan to take along the family you can get a nice campground. Then take some hiking trips to one of your favorite fishing holes or to do some site seeing this way you can bring all your camping supplies to the campground.

Today you can find camping gear that will make your camping and hiking trip comfortable and fun. There are several manufactures of camping and hiking gear.
Here is three of the most trusted and well known in the industry Coleman, Browning and Cabelas. They all three make fine camping and hiking gear with great warranties in case you should have a problem.

First you are going to need a tent for you and your family, friend or companion. Coleman, Browning and Cabela’s all make a great tent from a one person to 10 of great quality and craftsmanship. Cabela’s has a 10-year warranty and Coleman has come out with the new Weather tek system that has been tested in extreme weather and guarantees to keep you dry. Browning as you may very well know is one of the best firearm makers in the world and they bring this dedication to quality to there camping and hiking gear. Their tents are made from quality materials and craftsmanship to keep you and your loved ones warm dry and safe.

Today’s sleeping bags are made to withstand the extremes. Depending on where you plan to go and what time of year will determine the type of sleeping bags you will want to bring. You can get bags that can be use for milder temperatures to 32 degrees below
freezing so choose the bag for the appropriate place you will be camping or hiking.
They also have them made especially for children that help to keep them warmer and more secure due to the proper fit.

Now that you have your shelter and bedding you can gather the rest of the gear you will need. Most of these products can be purchased from these manufactures knowing you will be getting a well-made and durable product. You will need a way to either cook your food or at least reheat it. Coleman has been the leader in this department for many years now. They have stoves small enough to fit in a backpack to ones that you can cook a full course meal they burn on different types of fuels which makes them convenient.

Ice chest come in just about any size and configuration so depending on the size of your party and what you will be keeping will determine the type of ice chest to bring. You can purchase specific camping utensils or save the old pots and pans from the house and use them they work just fine and can save a bit of money.

Flashlights and a good First Aide Kit are a must you may have an accident and need some bandages or aspirin. You know you are going to be in the dark and a good flashlight can be a lifesaver. Cabelas XPG Xenon lights are their lightest and brightest light they make and they come in three sizes. Coleman and Browning both carry lines of quality flashlights you can choose from. You will need a lantern for those nights while you are sitting around the campfire enjoying your family and friends.